The Post Boy Robb’d of his Mail

The Post Boy Robb’d of his Mail or the Pacquet Broke Open, consisting of letters of Love and Gallantry, and all miscellaneous subjects in which are discover’d the Vertues, Vices, Follies, Humours and Intrigues of Mankind

Restoration era rake, ‘wit of the present age’, and enemy of many a literary heavyweight, Gildon’s life was as colourful as the characters portrayed in his prodigiously written stories and “biographies”. The Post-Boy robb’d, featuring such delights as ‘the lover’s sighs: or, the amours of the beautiful Stremunia and Alphonso, King of Castile’, is a humorous and completely fictitious collection of letters, written between those of dubious fame and high station.

Charles Gildon, 1706. Layton Collection 4110


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