Memoirs of the Royal Society Vol. I

Memoirs of the Royal Society; being a new abridgement of the Philosophical Transactions: giving an account of the undertakings, studies and labours of the learned and ingenious in many considerable parts of the world. From the first institution of that illustrious society in the year 1665, under their Royal founder King Charles II, to the year of our Lord 1735 inclusive. Disposed under proper general heads, with a translation of the Latin tracts, from their originals: the whole regularly abridg’d, the order of time observ’d, the theoretical parts apply’d to practical uses, and an explanation of the terms of art as they occur in the course of the work; being a work of general use to the publick, and worthy the perusal of all mathematicians, artificers, tradesmen, & c. for their improvement in various branches of business, Vol I., Benjamin Baddam.

Printed by G. Smith and sold by J. James, W. Shropshire, R. Montague, G. Brett, T. Wright and T. Heath, London, 1738. Layton Collection 9419.

  • Published monthly, shortly after the formation of the Royal Society itself, and acting with the purpose of a scientific news service, The Philosophical Transactions, sought to compile and present to the wider public the ground-breaking, experimental, observational and theoretical work carried out by the society’s members and their peers. Still being produced today, it is the world’s longest running scientific journal.


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