New General Collection of Voyages and Travels

New general collection of voyages and travels: consisting of the most esteemed relations, which have been hitherto published in any language: comprehending everything remarkable in its kind, in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, with respect to the several empires, kingdoms, and provinces; their situation, extent, bounds and division, climate, soil and produce; their lakes, rivers, mountains, cities, principal towns, harbours, buildings, &c. and the gradual alterations that from time to time have happened in each: also the manners and customs of the several inhabitants; their religion and government, arts, and sciences, trades and manufactures: so as to form a complete system of modern geography and history, exhibiting the present state of all nations; illustrated not only with charts of the several divisions of the ocean, and maps of each country, entirely new completed, as well as new engraved, by the best hands, from the latest surveys, discoveries, and astronomical observations: but likewise with variety of plans, and prospects of coasts, harbours, and cities; besides cuts representing antiquities, animals, vegetables, the persons and habits of the people, and other curiosities: selected from the most authentic travellers, foreign as well as English.

Vol. I, Thomas Astley. Published by his Majesty’s Authority, 1745. Layton Collection 6907

  • Rendered by such artistic luminaries as Nathaniel Parr from the first hand memories and experiences of those at the vanguard of European knowledge at the time, this deftly selected array of beautiful illustrations, etchings and woodcuts, deal with everything from the structure of kelp and other seaweeds, to the spectacle of a high seas’ chase on the tail of a shoal of flying fish. With a wealth of navigational charts and maps thrown in for good measure, this publication set a new standard in quality and practical attention to detail.
  • Featuring keen observations and anecdotes selected from the memoirs of some of the superstars of the age of discovery, Thomas Astley’s collection is designed as the ultimate travelling companion and geographical aide for sailors and explorers … both real and armchair.


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