Thomas Layton (1819-1911)

Thomas Layton lived in Brentford, Middlesex between 1826 and 1911. He served on various local bodies for over 45 years, and helped develop many new buildings and services for the growing town.

Layton was also an avid, almost obsessive, collector of books, prints, maps and archaeological artefacts. He bequeathed his remarkable collection of over 20,000 objects to the people of Brentford. The collection has had a turbulent history and today can be found in several locations.

This website brings together as much of the collection as possible in a virtual museum and archive to celebrate Layton’s legacy. The Thomas Layton Trust has published Layton’s Legacy, a well designed and illustrated book by Mike Galer. You can buy it at Brentford and Chiswick Libraries or order it by post from the Brentford & Chiswick Local History Society.

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