Learning Resources

The Trust has developed two sets of resources for primary schools:

Learning resources created in 2021 by Leda Hadjigeorgiou, while studying for an MA in Museums and Galleries in Education at University College London.

Who was Thomas Layton?

Who lived in Brentford before the Romans?

What did the Romans eat?

What did Roman soldiers wear?

Learning resources commissioned in 2007 from Andy Hawkins at the Thames Explorer Trust to support the (then) HLF-funded project Layton’s Legacy.

Thomas Layton powerpoint.
This powerpoint gives an overview of Thomas Layton and what he did, in and for Brentford – for KS2 Children.

Books from the Layton Collection powerpoint.
A collection of images of the books, prints and maps from the Thomas Layton collection

Artefacts from the Layton Collection powerpoint.
A collection of images of some of the artefacts in the Thomas Layton Collection

Thomas Layton ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ powerpoint.
A fun start and finish activity for your lesson.

Collection of pictures with teachers notes for each picture.
These are a series of 8 pictures with accompanying teachers’ notes for use in a classroom setting.

Possible lessons using the pack.

  1. For local children – then using the Layton trail. Children can follow it around Brentford to discover at first hand Layton’s legacy.
  2. After a brief talk about who was Thomas Layton, children can start with the ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ PowerPoint. The whole class works through the Thomas Layton PowerPoint to then have another go at the millionaire ppt. – Hopefully the class at this point can win!
  3. Use the pictures and teacher notes to develop a whole class discussion on Thomas Layton, who he was and what he did for Brentford. The pictures also show old Brentford and work can easily be done on the differences between then and now. Victorian Brentford was a heavily industrial place with the smells emanating from the coke, gas, tannery, soap, brewery and jam works permeating the air to a massive extent.