How to Sponsor a Book

After many years of poor storage conditions, the task of repairing, conserving and re-binding books in the collection has been a huge one. A generous grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund saw the beginning of this work and the Trust continues to undertake more each year.

Sponsored books carry a special book plate

Some of this is paid for from the Trust’s own funds. However, a number of sponsors have enabled many more books to be preserved as a resource for the future. If you contribute funding to help with the work of conservation or rebinding your name, or that of someone you wish to commemorate,  is recorded on a special book plate. We try to choose books for such a commemoration which are relevant to your or their interests.

Cuvier’s ‘The Animal Kingdom’, before conservation


This copy of The Animal Kingdom by Cuvier had been damaged by birds which got into the building where the collection was stored in the 1970s. The spine had been lost and the book was held together with black sticky tape.

See how the book looked after restoration, retaining its original cover.



Gary’s Guide to Hackney Coach Fares was repaired and re-bound with a handsome new marbled cover and leather spine.

Gary’s ‘Guide to Hackney Coach Fares’  had lost its front cover

Gary’s ‘Guide to Hackney Coach Fares’ after conservation









Damaged books.

Damaged books



This collection of 4 volumes of Rejected Theatre was in bad shape. The spines and covers were badly damaged. Over the years they had been written on and had labels attached. They were held together by string and elastic bands.

See them fully restored along with two volumes of Pills to Purge Melancholy by T D’Urfey.




Download the sponsor a book form, Microsoft Word