Chrysal: or, The Adventures of a Guinea

Chrysal: or, the adventures of a guinea wherein are exhibited views of several striking scenes with curious and interesting anecdotes of the most noted persons in every rank of life, whose hands it passed through in America, England, Holland, Germany and Portugal, Charles Johnstone.

A native of County Limerick and forced to give up his career as a lawyer due to deafness, Johnstone turned to writing for a living. The creator of several works, Chrysal, was by far his most successful, being reprinted several times. Possessing a shrewd legal brain, the potential libellous nature of the book’s content is disclaimed by the anonymous author in the preface by the revelation that the text was “discovered” amidst waste paper used as packaging.


Printed for J.Watson, M. Pearce, S. Lewis, G. Longman and W. Crowder, London, 1785. Layton Collection 3410.


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